St Mary’s boasts a talented team of staff who work incredibly hard for the school community.

Each member plays a vital part in the smooth running of school life; we are indebted to them all!

Executive Headteacher Mr Paul Ackers
Acting Deputy Headteacher  Miss Alice Poole
Inclusion Mrs Caroline Britton
Class Teachers Nursery Mrs Cathy Finney (SLT)
Reception Mrs Sarah Bradbury
Year One Mrs Katherine Bramhall
Year Two Miss Alice Poole & Mrs Joanne Rourke
Year Three Miss Lisa Davies & Mrs Elizabeth Thompson
Year Four Mrs Catherine Frost & Mrs Dawn Wilde
Year Five Mrs Katie Mitchell & Mrs Hannah Emery
Year Six Mrs Caroline Britton & Mrs Elizabeth Thompson
Extended Teaching Music Teacher Mrs Emma Tennant
Violin & Keyboard Tuition Mrs Maria Felstead
Business Manager Mrs Suzanne Young
School Secretary Mrs Vicki Major
Caretaker Mr Nigel Hill
Teaching Assistants Ms Sophie Abbott (& MDA) Mrs Jeanette Lawrenson (& MDA)
Mrs Anna Ashton (& MDA) Mrs Gaynor McSwitty (& MDA)
Miss Colette Barnie (& MDA) Mrs Margaret Nadin (Nursery Nurse)
Mrs Elaine Brown (& MDA) Mrs Helen Towell  (& MDA)
Mrs Katie Hotson (& MDA) Mrs Maria Pickman
Mrs Kathy Jones Ms Jenny McGuinness (& MDA)
Mrs Emma McCubbin (& MDA) Mrs Catherine Anderson (& MDA)
Mrs Louise Woodward and her team from Taylor Shaw cook schools meals on our premises alongside our team to ensure that the children have a tasty meal every day!