St Mary’s Staff Family

St Mary’s boasts a talented team of staff who work incredibly hard for the school family.

Each member plays a vital part in the smooth running of school life; we are indebted to them all!

Headteacher Mr John Nish
Deputy Headteacher  Miss Alice Poole
Inclusion Mrs Anita Norburn
Class Teachers Nursery Mrs Sarah Bradbury (SLT)
Reception Mrs Cathy Finney & Mrs Hannah Emmery
Year One Mrs Katherine Bramhall
Year Two Miss Alice Poole (SLT) & Mrs Joanne Rourke
Year Three Miss Lisa Davies & Miss Lauren Burke
Year Four Mrs Catherine Frost & Mrs Dawn Wilde
Year Five Mrs Katie Mitchell & Mrs Hannah Emery
Year Six Mrs Elizabeth Thompson (SLT)
Extended Teaching Music Teacher Mrs Emma Tennant
Violin & Keyboard Tuition Mrs Maria Felstead and Miss Lisa Davies

Office Manager

Administration Assistant

Mrs Vicki Major

Mrs Helen Towell

Caretaker Mr Nigel Hill
Teaching Assistants Miss Beatriz Blanco (& MDA) Mrs Jeanette Lawrenson (& MDA)
Mrs Anna Ashton (& MDA) Mrs Gaynor McSwitty (& MDA)
Miss Colette Barnie (& MDA) Mrs Nora Wass (& MDA)
Mrs Elaine Brown (& MDA) Mrs Rachel Oldfield  (& MDA)
Mrs Katie Hotson (& MDA) Mrs Maria Pickman
Mrs Kathy Jones Ms Jenny McGuinness (& MDA)
Mrs Emma McCubbin (& MDA) Mrs Catherine Anderson (& MDA)
Mrs Louise Woodward and her team cook schools meals on our premises alongside our team to ensure that the children have a tasty meal every day!