Our Charities

Our Pledge for 2021-2022

Our classes will keep in touch with and show care for the following community groups: local nursing and care homes, our neighbours and our local shops.

We will

  • Send welcome/cheery cards on our return to school following lockdown
  • Send Easter cards and Christmas cards
  • Send a written communication in the Pentecost term
  • Offer to sing at venues or send a recorded song to each setting

Class Charities 2021-2022

Since 2012, we have matched each class with its own charity for the year. We aim for this to be an ongoing project, allowing the children to earn small amounts periodically whilst also raising the profile of, and finding out about, the work of their allocated organisation.  We want the children to develop their understanding of the importance of considering the needs of others and how we can support people through prayer and information sharing, as well as raising money. We want our children to recognise that, in the words of St Mother Teresa of Calcutta, “It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.”

Our class charities are:

Nursery: Supporting families arriving from Afghanistan
Reception: Children in Need
Class 1: WWF
Class 2: Cafod
Class 3: Water Aid
Class 4: Adventure Farm Trust
Class 5: SOFT UK

Class 6: Cancer Research

Class Charities of previous years