Our Parish Community

The relationship each academy has with its local parish priest and parish community is vital. Our academies are supported by these communities from before our students attend school. One of the first experiences of God’s love and of their Catholic faith, is for many of our students, had within their local parish. The parish priest plays a central role in nurturing and supporting both young people and staff alike. First and foremost, this happens through the celebration of the Sacraments. It also comes in the form of catechesis, both in the parish and in the school. The ultimate goal of both these aspects is a strengthening of faith and trust in God’s boundless love. As the Church continues with its synod questions in parishes, pupils at St Mary’s are also considering the same questions. Pupils have been considering and responding to questions, which will be sent to local parish to be collated.

The school takes part in the Marple Carnival, local Christmas festivities, Food and Drink events, health awareness competitions and inter-school activities. Strong links exist with the parish families of Holy Spirit and St Mary’s, local sports clubs, MESS (Marple, Mellor and Marple Bridge Energy Saving Strategy), Marple Library and many other community groups. The children enjoy entertaining people locally or demonstrating support for worthwhile causes within and outside the school day.

St Mary's Church - Marple Bridge

Holy Spirit Church - Marple